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Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Industrial design BFA '2022 (honors student)


HIT LUBO (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Character design for interactive toy

YOUSHI International Art Education

Portfolio consultant

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Soft Skills.

Problem solving | Innovation | Diligence 


English | Chinese | French


Solidworks | Rhino | Keyshot | Autodesk  inventor

Autocad | C4D | Photoshop | Illustrator

InDesign | Lightroom | Premiere Pro | Procreate

Arduino | Processing | C, Python, JS

Zori Wang.

Zori (Zhaorui) Wang

Industrial Designer & Artist, Rhode Island School of Design '22

I am Zori, a passionate designer and artist with a lifelong love for creativity

that began at the age of 2.  In 2022, I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), majoring in Industrial Design.


My passion spans a spectrum, from drawing and graphics to sculpting and 3D modeling. Yet, what truly captivates me about design is its inherent problem-solving nature and the intricate dance between creativity and engineering.


As a naturally inventive person, I thrive on crafting unique pieces that breathe

life into ideas previously unexplored. Beyond the visual arts, I've harmonized my creativity with music, playing the piano for many years and dedicating my free

time to composing original piano pieces. My diverse skills and love for

pushing artistic boundaries make me a unique and dynamic creator, ready to contribute my talents to new and exciting projects.



Designer & Artist

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